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How can I use Strikingly just for my home page and keep all my directories?
Can I connect Strikingly but keep all of my image files hosted on my current server?

If you currently have a site, using our standard method of connecting your domain (domain forward + CNAME for www) will make your inaccessible to viewers! This is because when you set up domain forwarding from to, anything that STARTS with with being redirected -- including -- rather than directly only and exactly

Instead, you can use one of the following techniques to replace just your homepage or try connecting your site to a subdomain (tutorial). These methods don't affect files and pages hosted on your root domain.

Replace your homepage with Strikingly (but keep other pages)

If you want your landing page to show up on the root domain, and not a subdomain, there's a slightly roundabout way of doing this. 

You can connect your Strikingly page to or (by using a CNAME record -- here's more information).

Then, you will do something special for, the root/naked domain, so that your directories are not affected.

    Best options

  1. Plugins.

    If you are using a high function website builder for your current site (such as WordPress, Drupal), it's possible they have a way to do a redirect. For example, WordPress has a plugin (Redirection) that will allow you to redirect only and exactly the root domain to, and leave everything else untouched! There are a number of plugins -- try searching on your builder.

  2. PHP redirect (or server redirect).

    You can add some code to a file on your server that just for your root domain. Note that this will vary depending on the language your website is based in and that this method doesn't work for WordPress site (see above instead.)

    For example, websites based in PHP, you can add the following code before the <!DOCTYPE...> HTTP header:
    header('Location: '.$newURL); 
    See details and related code.

    For other languages, try searching for "redirect just one page (language)." In general, it is best to make the redirect from the back-end, rather than the front-end.

    Other options

  3. Masked forwarding.

    Using your domain registrar to mask forward from to means that the registrar will show your site in an iframe -- the url will say "," however, the site will NOT be mobile-optimized (it will look like a desktop site).

    This may also affect the performance of some apps. Any description or icons in "settings" won't be attached (the site will have generic preview information when posted on Facebook.)

    To do this, login to your domain registrar. Set up domain forwarding, check the "mask?" box, and put in your url.

  4. HTML redirect.

    Create an index.html file at the root directory of your current website that has this HTML code:

    <META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=">, where "" is your domain. (Make sure to include the www -- this allows the content at www to show up.)

    This will do the redirect from your files and allow you to keep the rest of your directory!

    However, this will briefly flash the previous page and can have a negative impact on SEO, because it takes control away from the user. If you use this method, include a note on the naked domain to let the user know they are being redirected.

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