Fixing Error Messages: "Problem Occurred While Saving Your Page"

Do you see this error message while you're editing? Let's try to fix it!

"Problem Occurred While Saving Your Page"

1. Do you have your site editor opened in different tabs or browsers? Are there two people editing your site at the same time?

  • If you do, I'd recommend that you close the other tabs/browsers. Having your editor open in two or more windows can confuse the system since we also auto-save. 

2. Is your internet connection working properly?

  • Intermittent connection can cause this error. You may not immediately notice it but sometimes, your internet connection "skips" and if that happens, your connection with our servers are lost--resulting to this error. 

3. Have you tried using a different browser/computer or incognito window to edit your site? 

  • It may be a browser issue. if you have several extensions installed on your browser, this may affect your site editor so we'd recommend trying it out on a different browser or computer, or use incognito/private browsing mode. 

If you answered "YES!" to all these questions and you're still seeing the error, email us at or chat with us.--we'd really love to help!

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