Make a Professional Resume

If you're aiming for world domination, start with your resume! Here at Strikingly, you can create your own beautiful digital resumes using any of our templates. Go to your dashboard and click +Create New Site!

If you're interested in a quick hack, we allow you to transform your LinkedIn Profile to a gorgeous, mobile optimized page with just one click - Check out our one-click LinkedIn App!

A few notes:

  • We will pull in some of your data, not everything, from your LinkedIn profile. 
  • If you update your LinkedIn profile, your site will not automatically update because data is pulled only once (when you sign into your LinkedIn Account during the initial site generation).
  • You can manually update your site by going to your site editor.

    If you need to bounce ideas, email us at or chat with us. We'd love to help you succeed in your quest!
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