Integrate G suite with Strikingly Domain

How do I send and receive emails using my Strikingly domain?

If you purchased your domain from us, you can edit your DNS settings to add, edit and delete MX records to integrate with Google Apps. These records will allow you to connect your email service to your Strikingly-purchased domain. 

It is important that you verify your domain on Google by following the instructions here

Add MX Records to your Domain Settings

1. Login to your domain dashboard.


2. Click the Settings Tab > Open DNS Manager

3. Click on the dropdown and choose MX > fill in the boxes with the MX from Google.


**Use these records. Please note that under Name/Host/Alias, use your domain name instead (example: 


** You can get the records here.

** You will also be required to verify your domain with G Suite. Please make sure to pick one from CNAME and TXT verification methods, and NOT the "HTML Meta tag" option. 


  • In the "Name" field, be sure to type in the root domain ie
  • You'll need to remove the default MX records ie Otherwise, your Google Apps email won't work.

4. Don't forget to click "I'm Done Entering DNS" Records when you're done! You can find this at the bottom of the page. 

Please note: It usually takes up to 24 hours before your email starts working as the DNS records need time to fully take effect.

Not working? Contact us at or chat with us. 

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