Inviting Site Teammates / Collaborators / Contributors

Strikingly’s Team manager lets you invite your friends & colleagues to edit and manage your Strikingly website. You can invite up to 10 teammates to each of your sites.


1. Go to your site editor, and click "SETTINGS".

2. Select "TEAM" on the left panel.



3. Click "ADD TEAMMATE".

4. Enter your teammate's email. 

5. Select a role for your teammate to suit your needs. Different roles have different levels of access to your site:

Role Description
Admin An Admin has the same level of access as the site owner, with two exceptions. The site Admin cannot delete the site and cannot add/remove Teammates. The Admin can make any edits, delete any content within the page, write blog posts, manage the store, manage events, change site settings, and view form responses and analytics. You can also give them permission to publish the site. Make sure you only invite people you trust! 
Editor Site Editors can make any changes to your site except events (booking section) and store management (the features under Simple Store including Order, Product, Shipping...). Site Editors also do not have access to site analytics, the settings panel, or view form responses.
Store Manager Store Managers can edit products and change your store settings. They can also view and manage orders, including completing, canceling, and refunding orders. They may not edit other site content or blog posts. (You can also optionally allow them to publish new products.)
Blogger Under the blogger role, your teammate will be able to write and manage blog posts. You can choose whether they can publish the blog posts or not.

Can access the Audience page of the site, and view and respond to Live Chats! Useful if you're handling tickets or leads via our Live Chat function. Agents can also view Audience-related information like form responses, site members, and can send individual messages to your audience via email.

Publish rights For each Teammate, you can also indicate whether each role can publish changes or not.




7. Your teammates need to accept the invitation from their email to gain access to your site.


Check their "Spam" or "Updates" folder if they can't find the invitation email. If they don't yet have a Strikingly account, they'll be prompted to create one and set a password. If they already have a Strikingly account, they just need to log in.


When your teammate accepts your invitation and logs in to, your site will show up in their dashboard, where they can edit or manage it. For example, this is how the admin role will see:


This is how the blogger role will see:




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