YouTube Video Autoplay

Can I get my YouTube videos to autoplay?

If you want your YouTube video to autoplay, you need to add it using the HTML section. Here's how you do it: 

Step 1: Get your embed code from YouTube

  1. Go to and look for a video you want to embed into your website. 
  2. Click on "Share" and "Embed" 


  3. Copy the code that you see on the next pop-up. 


Step 2: Embed the video to your site

  1. Go to your site editor and click "Add New Section" in the left panel.


  2. Select the "Embed and HTML" section from the section list.


  3. Once it's added, go to the section and click on it to edit. 


  4. From the app list, select "HTML.".

  5. Paste the code in the field, but make sure to add "?rel=0&autoplay=1" after the video ID.


  6. Don't forget to hit "Save" and "Publish" to make it live. 


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