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Strikingly's blog subscription feature is an email service that's available to all Strikingly users. You can collect email subscribers and send blog updates. To enable, go to your Simple Blog setting panel and select Strikingly Subscriptions: 



How can my visitors subscribe to my blog? 


Once Strikingly Subscriptions is enabled, your blog visitors may opt-in to your blog updates through a subscription field at the bottom of each post here:



Your subscribers will immediately receive an email to confirm their blog subscription.


Where do I manage blog subscriptions? 


Once your visitor confirms their blog subscription, you'll see their email under the [Subscription] tab of your blog manager.



How do I send blog updates? 


Once you've enabled Strikingly Subscriptions for your blog, you'll see the option to "Send to all subscribers" in the blog publish panel. For each blog post, you can hit "Send to all subscribers" only once. 



Your blog subscribers will immediately receive an email with the update. 



What if my audience are non-English speakers? 


You can change your site language setting to switch the blog subscription flow to either French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese. See how to change your site language setting here



*** NOTE: As of September 22nd, 2016, Mailchimp integration for Simple Blog has been deprecated. If you've set up MailChimp Subscription before September 22nd, your blog will not be affected. ***


In case you need help, shoot us a line at or chat with us. Happy blogging! 

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