Add CNAME for Root Domain using Cloudflare

This article explains how to add CNAME for root domains ie if your domain registrar does not allow this setup and if you prefer not having “www” before your domain.

  1. Go to

  2. If you don't have a CloudFlare account yet, click "Sign up" to get an account.

  3. Login to your CloudFlare account through

  4. Enter your custom domain in the “Add a website” field. Please make sure to add the domain in this format: Don't forget to click "Scan DNS Records".

  5. Wait for about a minute as CloudFlare scans your domain’s DNS. You can watch their video while waiting!

  6. Click “Continue” once the scan is done.

  7. Add a CNAME record for your root domain pointing to as follows. Leave @ in the "Name" column to represent the root domain. Enter in the “Value” column and select “Add Record”.

  8. Scroll down and click “Continue”.

  9. Select the “Free plan” option then click on “Continue”.

  10. Please take note of the nameservers provided under the column “Change Nameservers to:”. Then login to your domain registrar’s DNS panel and change the existing nameservers to the nameservers given by Cloudflare. Once the nameservers are updated, click “Continue”.

  11. You're all set!


  • The nameserver change may take 24-48 hours to be completed so the site may be inaccessible during this period.
  • Make sure that the "orange cloud" (CloudFlare's CDN) is activated for the CNAME pointing to If the "cloud" is grey (CDN disabled), click it to turn it to orange (enabled).

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