Updating to Strikingly 4

Strikingly 4 is the latest version of our editor, rewritten in the newest technology to give you an even faster, smoother Strikingly experience. You also get a bunch of hot new features and customization options including:

  • New Templates
  • Template Switcher
  • Section Layout System
  • Social Feed, Simple Store, and more upcoming features! 

The Strikingly 4 update is available for all sites, and all users. Moving your sites to Strikingly 4 takes just a few clicks!

We've made two quick video tutorials showing you how to update your sites to the Strikingly 4 editor - one for normal site updates, and the other for retired template site updates. If you're not sure whether your site is on a retired template or not, go to your Strikingly Dashboard, click on that site's settings gear, and then click [UPDATE]. The message that pops up next will tell you the answer.

Depending on that, just follow the appropriate one of the two quick tutorials below, to update to Strikingly 4.
* Note: If you do not see the "UPDATE" option here, that means your site is already on Strikingly 4! :)
Strikingly 4 Update (Normal)

Strikingly 4 Update (Retired Template Site)

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at support@strikingly.com or chat with us :) 
Welcome to Strikingly 4!

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