Strikingly's Kickstart Program

What is the Kickstart program?

Strikingly's Kickstart program is a special initiative offered by Strikingly which is designed to support and assist individuals or businesses in creating and launching websites successfully. It provides personalized guidance, expert advice, and hands-on assistance to help users build a professional and effective website. In a nutshell, we create websites for you. 


How does it work?

1. To subscribe to our Kickstart program, you need to go to this page and choose the kind of site you need.



2. Based on the category you select, it will prompt another question associated with that category. This screenshot shows the next questions after choosing the "Creative" category.



3. Let's say we chose "Art and Design" as the type of creative website. This is how the next page will look.



Note: It will ask you to choose from the template suggestions. 


If you don't want to choose a template, it also has an option to "Skip & let Design Expert decide":



4. After selecting templates and clicking the "Go get my site" button, it will route you to the page where you need to select a package for your Kickstart program:



5. Once you have selected a package, you need to pay for it upfront.



Note: Kickstart is only available for accounts on a paid plan. Check our plans and pricing here


What will happen after?

1. Our design team needs approximately 48-72 hours to build your site. During this timeframe, you just need to sit tight while we work on your project, no need to do anything! If the team requires additional information or upon completion of the website, they will promptly notify you. Once successful, you can view the site's first draft on the Kickstart page.

2. If there's a need to modify any content, we can still help you make the changes you need within 7 days after the first submission. During this period, you can also follow up or contact us. On the KickStart page, click the "I Need Edits" button to list down your requests or attach any images or files if needed.

Note: Before the first draft is ready, you won't see this button.


3. Once you're satisfied with the site design, click "Approve" on the KickStart page. This way, the system can transfer the site to your account, and the site is all yours to customize!



  • The Kickstart Program payment is non-refundable.
  • We do not offer image editing or design services. Please provide us with the images or written content you wish to use for your site. 
  • If you have video content to add to your site, you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, set the privacy setting to Public, and then share the URL with us. This way, we can add it to your site.
  • After submitting the edit request, our design team will need 24-48 hours, depending on the workload of your request.
  • The KickStart program includes the following services: website building (multiple pages - supporting up to 7 pages), uploading a maximum of 5 products, publishing a maximum of 3 blog posts, and adding membership tiers (Pro - one tier, VIP - 5 tiers).


If you need more help, send us a line at or chat with us.
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