SquareSpace Domains

This article will help us setup the DNS settings of a domain from SquareSpace.

1. Go to www.squarespace.com/login and login.


2. Pick the website where the domain is connected to.


3. Go to "Settings" > "Domains".


4. Select the domain.


5. Select "Advanced Settings".


6. Delete the former CNAME and A records (Don't forget to take a screenshot for backup).


7. Add the CNAME record and point it to www.yourdomain.com.s.strikinglydns.com and point A record to

Note: yourdomain.com is an example and should be replaced with your own custom domain, in the format mentioned (as seen on the screenshot below)




8. Hit "Save" and you're done!


If your site doesn't go online after 24-48 hours, contact support@strikingly.com and include a screenshot of your domain settings so we can help!


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