Form Options (Lead Capture/Downloadables/External Links)

You can forward your subscribers to a different landing page or send them to a downloadable after they sign up by using one of these options:

  1. The "Add redirect" option.
  2. Adding a line of code to display a link on the confirmation page.


Redirect Signups to Another Page using the "Add redirect" option:

This option lets you redirect your visitors to another page or site, such as a "Thank You" page after filling out your sign-up/contact form.

  1. Go to your site editor and click on your form.


  2. From there, click the "Add a redirect" option.


  3. Fill in your success/thank you page link in the "Redirect URL" field. Hit "Save" after making changes!


    • Ticking the "Open in new tab" option would open the Redirect URL on another browser tab, and the original website will remain open on the previous tab showing the "Thanks" (Success/confirmation) message.
    • Leaving it un-ticked would load the "Thank you" message for one second on the same tab, then redirect the visitor to the destination URL.


Display a link on the confirmation page using a line of code:

This code option lets site visitors see a link on the form's success/confirmation message after filling it out and submitting it.

Like before, click on the contact/sign-up form to edit. From there, replace the text with this line of code:

<a href="">Your Text</a>


For example, if we want to display a link to form signups,( we would put in this line of code:

Thanks for reaching out! Sending you <a href="">a virtual hug</a>.


When the form has been filled out, the visitor will see this message with the link to another page:



The process should be the same for both options if you'd like your subscriber to get a download link. You'll need to change the URL on the code.

Once your visitors enter their information, they'll see your message, with the link to the page with your downloadable or a link to another website.


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