Form Options (Lead Capture/Downloadables/External Links)

You can redirect your subscribers to a different landing page or send them to a downloadable after they sign up by adding a line of code in Form Options.

Redirect Signups to Another Page:

Under [Form Options], replace the text with this line of code: <a href="">Your Text</a>

For example, if we want to redirect form signups to another page ( we would put in this line of code:

Thanks for reaching out! Sending you <a href="">a virtual hug</a>.


When the form has been filled out, the visitor will see this message with the link to another page:


Send Signups a Downloadable:

If you want to offer a downloadable for a signup, you can use the same line of code to link to your downloadable. 

1. First, upload your downloadable document - we recommend building a Strikingly page and uploading your document to a button. See example of page ( below: 

2. Now go to the Contact Us or Signup Form that you want your visitors to fill out to receive the downloadable. Enter in this line of code under [Form Options]: <a href="">Your Text</a>

For this example, we want the visitors to be directed to this page (, where we've uploaded our downloadable file. 

3. We'll add this line of code to [FORM OPTIONS]: Thanks for signing up <a href="">Download your guide to Seoul here</a> and happy travels!

Once your visitors enter in their information, they'll see your message, with the link to the page with your downloadable.

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.


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