Strikingly Supported Browsers

Strikingly works best on the latest internet browsers. If you are using an older browser, our site may not display correctly or might not even work at all. Here are the supported browsers that you can use with Strikingly:

*We will no longer provide support for IE versions 9 and below. If you are still using this browser version, you will see a pop-up message. Here's what the message looks like:

We recommend using the latest browser version available for your operating system.

Please also take note: 

  • If you're using Safari or Internet Explorer, the version will depend on your operating system. For instance, if you're on Windows 10, you use Microsoft Edge.
  • If you're editing your website, browser add-ons or extensions can interfere. We may ask you to disable these when we troubleshoot for issues. 


How you see your site may vary depending on what browser you use. 

If you notice that there's a little discrepancy between how you view your sites in different browsers, don't panic! That is perfectly normal since each browser uses different technologies. As a recommendation, we'd recommend that you enable JavaScript when viewing and editing your site to avoid any further issues. 


Plugin issues:

If you click on the Register and Sign in buttons or if you're trying to edit your site and receive no response, this is a sign that a plugin or add-on installed on your browser is interfering with your access to Strikingly. Certain plugins intended to preserve your privacy, such as uBlock/Adblock, will prevent you from registering or signing in to Strikingly. Generally, you should be able to work around this by adding to your browser add-on's white list. Or you can disable the browser add-on that may have been causing these issues.


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