Setting Up Google Analytics for Simple Store

For sellers who want to track conversion in their Simple Stores, we've set up tracking so that you can view your store analytics in your Google Analytics dashboard. If you've already set the tracking ID in the site settings, you just need to enable the eCommerce tracking in your Google Analytics Dashboard.


E-commerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. Once a user purchased an order in the browser, the user's purchase information is sent to the web server, which carries out the transaction.


If you want to learn the technical details, you can find more information here.


Step 1: Log in to your Google Analytics account

Step 2: Click the gear icon or "Admin" button and look for "Ecommerce Settings" under the "View" column.



Step 3. Turn on the "Enable Ecommerce" option.




Once done, following the steps, Simple Store will automatically submit eCommerce transaction data to your Google Analytics account. This can be viewed in Conversions > Ecommerce.



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