Managing Orders on Strikingly iOS App

You can manage orders from our free iOS App. From the app, you can:

  • Check pending orders and total order numbers.
  • Check order status and order details.
  • Mark a PENDING order as COMPLETED or REFUNDED.  
  • Issue a refund for a PENDING or COMPLETED order.

Managing Orders on iOS App

Log into Strikingly App using the email address and password associated with your account. You’ll see a list of all sites linked to your account.


Select the site with your Simple Store setup and click the “MANAGE ORDERS” button.



You can see all Pending, Completed, and Cancelled orders under different filters in the order manager.



Receiving an Order

When a customer makes a purchase, you'll receive a push notification and the new order will appear as a PENDING order in the order manager. 

Completing an Order

Go to the pending orders queue, click on the order, check the order details, and then click the “COMPLETE ORDER” button.


By clicking "COMPLETE", you automatically send your customers an email notification stating that the order has been fulfilled. You'll also see the option to customize this email in the text field after clicking "COMPLETE".



The order will now be in the COMPLETED queue.


Refunding an Order

Refunds can also be issued to your customer through the iOS store manager. To refund an order, go into the order you want to refund, and click on “Refund” on the top right of the order details screen.



This will initiate a full refund, items will be restocked after the refund is issued. An email will be sent to your customer, notifying them of the refund. Processing a refund can take up to 5 business days.

After an order has been refunded, the status of the Order will go to the CANCELLED queue. Keep in mind that refunds cannot be reversed.


We hope you'll find this feature useful! In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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