How to Change the Style of Your Site

Flavor, colors, and life!
We've made it easier!

A function that makes everything uniquely YOU! A function that will allow you to choose a style that will suit your taste!

Here's how you can change your site theme to add more flavor. 

On your editor, you are given the feature to change your site to a consistent pre-existing STYLE. The function is available across all templates. Head on to the left panel and you'd see 4 square options on the top. Pick the "STYLES" button:



The STYLE menu would give you several options to choose from. The STYLE options would contain the feature to change button colors, font faces, background tones, and navigation colors!


Note: The STYLE function is available for everyone in Strikingly, so regardless if you're a Free, Limited, or Pro user, the function is very much available for you!

For a more significant style change, you can also switch your template using our Template Switcher here: 


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