Embedding Google Reviews on Your Site

Embedding real-time Google reviews on your Strikingly website is possible using our HTML section and a 3rd party widget. Please keep in mind that embedding HTML code is available exclusively in the Pro and VIP plans. Once you get the embed code from the Google Reviews widget provider, follow these steps to add it to your site:


1. On your site editor, click "Add new section".

2. Choose "Advanced" > "Embed & HTML".



3. Click on the newly added section and choose "HTML".



4. Add your embed code to the dedicated field and click "Save".



5. Publish your site.


After embedding the code, you can see the result by checking the preview or visiting your live site. Keep in mind that custom code won't be visible in the site editor.


We hope that you find this feature useful! If you need help, shoot us a line at support@strikingly.com, or chat with us.

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