Add Password Protection to Blog Posts

Can I add a password to one of my blog posts?

Certainly! If you have a Pro or VIP subscription, you can add password protection to your blog posts. Here's a step-by-step guide to doing this:


1. Go to your blog section, hover over the section, and click "Manage blog posts".

Or you can go to the site editor > SETTINGS, click on "BLOG" and there you will see the

Blog Posts Manager.



2. Find the specific blog post for which you want to add a password and click the "EDIT" button next to it.

3. In the blog editor, click the "SETTINGS" button in the top left corner.



4. Select the "Set a password" option.

5. Enter the desired password and click on "Save".

6. Don't forget to publish your blog post to apply the changes.


How can I delete the password from the blog post?

1. Go to your blog editor and click on "SETTINGS".

2. Select "Set a password"

3. Delete the existing password under 'Password'.

4. Clear the password field.

5. Click "Save" and publish the blog post.


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