Managing Uploaded Images


Where to find uploaded images?

1. Click on any image, then select "Replace". 


If you haven't added images yet, you can click on "Add image > Upload".


2. To view all the images you have uploaded, switch to the "UPLOADED IMAGES" tab. Here, you will find all your uploaded images.


3. You can filter the image source from here:


4. You can also order the images based on the upload date. Click the "Newest" or "Oldest" option to rearrange the images accordingly.


How can I import/upload multiple images?

On the "UPLOADED IMAGES" tab, you can import multiple images from your computer using the "Import Images" feature.

Please note that currently, we only support uploading multiple images from the local computer. Dragging files or using image URLs is not supported yet.


How do I delete images?

On the "UPLOADED IMAGES" tab, follow these steps to delete images:


1. Click the "Delete Images" button.

2. Select the images you want to delete by clicking on them.


4. A pop-up will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to delete the selected images?" Click "Yes" to proceed or "Cancel" if you want to make changes.

5. If you decide not to delete the images, you can click "Return to Add Images."


Note: Once the images are deleted, they cannot be retrieved. Please bear in mind that image deletion is an irreversible action. 


Where can I see how much storage is left for images?

On the "UPLOADED IMAGES" tab, you will find the amount of storage used displayed at the bottom.

The amount of available storage depends on your selected plan. For more details, refer to our pricing page.


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