Change Button Color

By default, all button colors depend on the color scheme you set for your website. However, there are instances when you need to highlight one call-to-action button with a different color, then leave the rest. Here's how to do that:


How do I change or edit the color of a specific button on my website?

1. In your site editor, hover over the button you wish to modify or change and click "EDIT".




2. Click the color selector button and pick a color from the color selection.

Or pick a color that's not in the palette by clicking the "CUSTOM" option.

3. Move the selector in the color tool or if you have a specific color hex code, you can type it in the color toolbox. Hit "DONE" when the color you want has been set.




The button font color changes automatically to either dark or light, depending on how dark or light your button color is.

For example, you chose black as your button color. The font color changes automatically to white, so the contrast is maintained, making it easier for your visitors to read the button labels.




How do I change the button font?

If you want to change the button font, here are the steps:


1. Go to Styles >> Fonts >> Button:



2. Choose your preferred font style from the options. You can even upload your own fonts:




  • Choosing the font will automatically change the font style of your button.
  • Uploading a custom font requires a domain connected to your website.
  • Changing the font of one button will apply to all buttons on your website. 



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