Page Animations

Make your Strikingly sites come alive by adding animations! To enable animations in your editor, go to Styles > Animations.


Page Scroll

Page scroll animations define how page content is revealed while scrolling down the page. For example, the "Slide In" animation looks like this:




Background animations define the background's appearance while scrolling down/up the page. For example, parallax backgrounds will scroll at a different speed than the foreground content. Here's what it looks like:





  • Page scrolling animations will not be applied to the Text+Button Slider and Banner Image Slider sections.
  • Page scrolling animations will not be applied to sections with video backgrounds.
  • The background animation option will be hidden if there are no background images in any sections on your site.
  • Since "Fixed" and "Parallax" are not supported in most mobile browsers, these two animations are disabled for all mobile browsers. Your visitors won’t see the effect on their mobile devices.


Image Link Hover

Image link hover animations define the effects when you hover your mouse over images with links or gallery images. For example, the “Zoom In” effect looks like this:



To see all your new animations in effect, click the "Preview" button on the bottom left corner of the editor. Once you’re done editing, make sure to publish your sites to see the changes go live.

NOTE: Blog posts won’t have animated effects. This is to provide a quiet and better reading experience to your reader.


We hope you find this feature useful! If you have any questions, please email us at or chat with us. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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