Hide or Deactivate a Section

You can hide individual sections so they won’t show up on the live site. This is useful if you want to publish parts of your site now, but want to delay publishing other parts until later. This way, you can write your content all at once, and then show and hide different parts whenever you want!

NOTE: This feature is only available for PRO and VIP users. You can check our price list here.

To hide a section: In the editor, click on the gear icon next to the section you want to hide, then click “Hide section”.




After you hide the section, there will be a dark overlay reminding you that this section is hidden:



  • You cannot edit a section while it’s hidden! To edit it again, unhide the section by clicking “Unhide” on the section itself, or by clicking “Unhide” through the gear menu.
  • Remember, for this to take effect on the live site, you still need to republish your site. Then the section will be completely removed from the live site and will not appear in the site navigation.
  • Whenever you want to show the section again, just unhide it and republish your site.
  • If you're using our mobile app, please note that this feature is currently not accessible through it. Nevertheless, you can easily replicate the steps outlined earlier if you're using a mobile browser to access our platform.

We hope you find this feature useful! If you have questions, please email us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us. We'd love to hear your feedback!


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