Image Size Specifications - What is the proper size for an image?

Note: For background images, check here.


What size should my images be?

Strikingly is designed to handle a wide range of image sizes for various screen sizes, sections, layouts, and templates. But sometimes it's still good to have an idea about which image dimensions to upload.


Here are some general guidelines!

First, take note of roughly how wide the image appears on the page.



Background images: 1600x900px. Read this article for more guidelines.

Full-width images: At least 1400px wide for the highest quality. (Height doesn't matter.)

Half-width images: At least 700px wide for the highest quality. (Height doesn't matter.)

1/3 width images: At least 480px wide for the highest quality. (Height doesn't matter.)

1/4 width images: At least 360px wide for the highest quality. (Height doesn't matter.)

Small icons/logos: At least 100px wide.

Gallery images: Any size is fine! Gallery images will open in a lightbox overlaid on top of your site.

REMEMBER: These pixel dimensions ARE NOT EXACT. This is because Strikingly optimizes for a wide range of screen sizes, from large TVs to tiny phones, so there is not one single pixel width for any image. These guidelines only ensure quality for a large range of image sizes.



What if my images are too small?

Generally, if your images are a bit smaller than recommended, it's not a problem at all -- they will just have some extra space on the sides. But if your images are much smaller than recommended, there will be a lot of extra space, and that extra space could look bad. You can consider changing layouts, or using a different section instead! 



What if my images are too large?

If the dimensions are too large, but the file size is below 15 MB, that's not a problem! We'll automatically scale down images, so they load fast, and your visitors are not downloading unnecessarily large images.



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