AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Strikingly Blog Posts

Note: Only Pro and VIP users can enable AMP for their blog posts. 


What is AMP? How does it help SEO?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new technology from Google that lets certain pages load super fast on mobile devices. It comes with a significant boost in Google's SEO ranking, so it's a great way to get more visitors to your site!

Strikingly allows you to activate AMP for blog posts. This is a separate version of your blog post that's only accessible to visitors coming from Google searches.

Note: Custom HTML content will be disabled for the AMP version of your blog post.

Note: If you've connected your Google Analytics account, blog views will be tracked in the AMP version. However, Strikingly analytics will not work in the AMP version.


How do I activate AMP for my blog?

Fortunately, it takes no effort at all to activate AMP for blog posts on Strikingly. We've done the work for you! 

Go to your blog settings and check the box beside "Activate AMP". That's it! Everything else happens automatically. It usually takes a day for your AMP blog posts to be indexed by Google (but it could take up to a few days).


What The Result Looks Like

In Google search results, there will be a special "AMP" label.



When you click the blog post, here's what you'll see. It looks just like a normal blog post on Strikingly, except the main URL bar will show a URL (since it's cached by Google) and the page will have an additional URL bar that shows your domain (in this screenshot, it's


My AMP blog post is not updating!

It can take up to a day for Google to re-index and re-cache your AMP blog post. Google will do this automatically. Just sit tight, it'll be updated soon!


Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy blogging! 


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