Editing DNS records [Strikingly Domains]


Editing A record and CNAME values

The Strikingly domain's DNS settings can be edited inside your account, please follow the steps below to know how it's done:


1. Go to your Domain Dashboard and choose the domain name that you want to change, then click on Settings:



2. Click the "lock icon" to edit the records. Notice that the pencil icon will turn green and the lock icon will unlock:



Note: A pop-up message will appear that says “Are you sure you want to unlock this record? Editing or deleting this record may cause your site to stop working". Just hit the OK button to continue.


3. To continue editing the DNS settings, click the pencil icon (it should be green now). It will then route you to the DNS edit page where you can change the A record or CNAME record values:



Note: When the pencil icon is touched, a pop-up message will appear that says "Be careful! Editing this may cause your site to go offline. Are you absolutely sure you want to continue?". Click the OK button to continue.


4. You can then proceed to change the value the of DNS records. After that, don't forget to hit the SAVE button to make sure the changes will take effect.


Please note that the new DNS settings will take effect within 24-48 hours after the setup. Then, HTTPS/SSL will kick in within 24 hours after the DNS settings globally update. 









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