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it would be great to add the insert table button on the menu bar in the text field.  It is a great way to summarise information for our customers.  Thank you :)

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    Hi Kaylene! 

    Thanks for reaching out! We are currently focusing on other sections improvements, such as Blog or Gallery but we will definitely keep this in mind if we decide to improve the plain text section. 

    I might have a solution for you though... Have you tried the "Info Boxes" section?

    Go and check your editor, you have 2 different options already created! Let me now if you like any of them! :) (Don't worry they're not published!) 

    Hope it helped! 



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    I notice this idea hasn't been followed up by anyone else however I think it would be very handy even if it wasn't available in all text fields but was an option for the create your own section.

    I am currently trying to put together a menu and aside from having an info box for every item (which would be very messy) I can't find a way to make the items and $ values line up with equal spacing and alignment.

    It looks fine in the editor but because of the way text scales to account for various devices everything goes out of alignment in the preview/live site. Having a table option would allow large tables of data like this to be displayed easily.

    I am setting this up for a client and at this stage my only other option is to use html tables however this will mean the client is no longer able to maintain their own site and update their menu which was a big selling point for us.



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    Hi, James! We sent something to you in your inbox. Hope it helps!

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