Connect Custom Domain

So you have your own custom domain and you want to connect it to your Strikingly site--that's cool! Get started by following the instructions below or by checking out our Domain Setup Tutorials for Specific Registrars.

Note: You can only connect custom domain if you're on either Limited or Pro plan. If you don't have a domain yet, you can purchase from us!

A. Do this on your Strikingly page editor: Go to you site editor and click Settings > Custom Domain. Set your desired domain on the custom domain box and click "Update." 

Do this from your domain registrar's end (Login to the domain registrar where you purchased your domain):

1. Set up URL forwarding or a 301 redirect.

Forward your naked domain (ex. to your www subdomain ( Please make sure to use 301/URL forwarding and that masking/masked forwarding/iFrame is not selected.

Note: Make sure that you do NOT forward to Your Strikingly URL should not appear anywhere in your domain settings.
ForwardForwarded to

If your domain registrar does not allow URL/301 Forwarding, set up A records instead. Host (A Records)
ValueIP Address
@ or yourdomainhere.com54.183.102.22

2. Add one CNAME record. Go to your domain's host record settings or zone file editor (for the domain you want to connect). If you already have a CNAME or A record for WWW, make sure to edit/delete those so you end up with only the one listed below.

NOTE: Do not change your nameserver! You should keep your nameserver and only add this host record.
CNAME/AliasPoints to/Address

3. Don't forget to save your settings when you're done!

It usually takes a few up to 48 hours for your settings to kick in (depending on your registrar) because the DNS needs to propagate globally. 

Domain still not working? Use this checklist
  1. If you're getting "heroku-- not app found" Refresh your strikingly settings! On your site editor, Go to Settings > Custom Domain. Delete your domain url, click Update, and then enter your "" again. Update, save, and check the page!
  2. If that doesn't help, email us at! Send your domain registrar screenshots and we'll help you find a way.

If, after 24 hours and your domain is still not connected, contact us at

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